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  • 7 Pointers For Choosing the Right Location for your Property

    Purchasing a house is indeed a sweet experience, but it can turn bitter if you ignore the locality in which it is. The right location of your home not only ascertains your physical and mental well-being but also makes your life easier. Unfortunately, a majority of people only care about the house and not where it is located; it is a common mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Right location does not always mean a costlier area; it also means comfort and safety.

    It may seem daunting, but you should do it religiously as your future depends on finding the right location for your house.

    Here are the 7 Pointers that you should to Choose for the Right Location for your Property


    Your and your family’s safety is your responsibility. Researching the right location before you make a deal will help you a lot in the future. You can talk to the neighbours or the local community centres about the day-to-day struggles. Nowadays, sleuthing is easy because of the internet. You can check online for the area’s crime rate and community pages on social media to get first-hand and unfiltered information. Availability of the law enforcement agency and adequate street lighting can also ensure your safety.


    Void of the basic amenities can sour the taste of your otherwise best house and right location. Always confirm with the builder about the electricity and water connectivity in your home and the area. Aside from this, grocery stores, convenience stores, and book shops, if not close, should at least be within a walkable distance from where you will be living. Hospitals and schools are the prime points the real estate people use to promote the location of property. Before zeroing in on the right location for your property, cross-check the amenities in and around the area.


    India is a commuter country. Having a place closer to the railway station or main transportation available in your area can reduce your commute time and the additional money you will be spending on it significantly. The right location for you would be something within a walkable distance from the main road or the highways that are well connected to your place. Always ensure that there are multiple options of connectivity available for you.


    Neighbours are your family, away from home. They are the first people we turn to in case of emergency, as well as happiness. We cannot hand-pick our neighbours, but we can certainly ensure they are cordial. With people around you who share the same interests and hobbies as you will improve your living experience in the multifold. Many societies have dedicated spaces for communities to gather around and mingle. This is particularly good if you have kids or elderly parents. If you are a pet parent, having another pet parent around will make your pet’s life a lot more joyful.


    Buying a house in an area that is fully developed can be costlier on the pocket, but living in an underdeveloped area will also cause trouble. Therefore, a site that is developing or has scope for development will be the right location choice for you. Also, the amenities that you get now will increase in the future. If you decide to sell the property after years or planning to invest in real estate. In that case, the locations of properties under development are the intelligent choice for the right location of your home.

    Leisure activities

    One thing everyone hated most about the pandemic was being stuck at home all the time. Travel restrictions and other rules have made it difficult to go out and enjoy. Having a place where you can go and enjoy can help your mood. The right location for your dream home would be close to the many leisure amenities you want.

    A good park, where you can go for a walk or where children can play, should be at a stone’s throw distance from where you live. Movie theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and snack corners nearby are great for uplifting your mood after a long day of hard work; having them nearby means less travel time. Library, gym, swimming pool, or indoor and outdoor games spaces work as an added benefit in searching the right location of property.


    If the place is costly, it can burn a hole in your pocket and ruin your future financial prospects. Investing in high-cost property is not a wise decision when inflation is constantly on the rise. A look around at a few properties before making any decision is always advised. Do not fall for the advertisements or just the physical beauty of the infrastructure; you must also look at the other aspects. Before you begin house hunting, figure out your finances and how far you can stretch them without burdening yourself. You will find an affordable and good-quality house at the right location; be patient and keep looking.

    Concluding the right location for your property

    However scary the house hunting procedure is, go for the right location. Do not make many compromises or decisions that you will regret later. Look at the other prospects before making any decision. If you are clear in your requirements and the budget, then with some research, you will make the right decision to make your life sweeter.

  • Live In A Housing Society? Know Your Legal Rights

    Flats and apartments are the most common form of housing today. Even those who can afford to build a house on their own land often prefer to live in a housing society for the sheer comfort that they provide. But, there are several terms and conditions which you have to meet as a member of a housing society.

    To begin with, you have to furnish all your rights details with the authorities, failing which the governing body may initiate action. You also have to maintain a certain decorum as a member of a housing society. Any oversight in this regard may end up in you losing your property ownership.

    As the member, you also have certain rights.

    You can inspect the book

    In the form of maintenance and many such charges, your housing society earns a handsome amount from the members. It is only evident a member would like to know how the money is being spent. So, can you approach the top body and demand to have a look at the account book? You certainly can!

    The society is legally bound to provide you the last audited annual balance sheet. You can also ask for a copy of the profit and loss account. If case you want to dig deeper into the rules governing the society, you can demand a copy of the Act, the rules and the bye-laws. Also at your disposal should be the information about members of the committee, the minutes of general meetings, etc. Any information you seek, the society has to provide you within one month’s time.

    Smell a rat? You could report this

    Upon examining the papers, you discover some goof ups. What can you do now? Well, you can share this information with other members and approach the registrar to take action against the top governing body. The registrar will then hold an inquiry into the “constitution, working, and financial condition” of the registered society. In case of the accusations of wrong doings are well-founded, the society may lose its registration, and the governing body may eventually be junked.

    Can you borrow money from your housing society?

    Are you facing some financial trouble and are considering approaching a bank over the matter. You can alternatively ask you housing society to lend you money. Under the provisions of the Co-Operative Society Act, a society can lend money to its members.

    What if housing society tries to expel you?

    Your housing society can cancel your membership, which in turn may amount to you losing your ownership over your property. While there are many conditions to be fulfilled before a housing society moved such a proposal, a member is given an equal opportunity to fight his case.

    According to Section 35 of the Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, 1916, a society can “expel a member for acts which are detrimental to the interest or proper working of the society”. But, for that, it has to get passed a resolution by at least three-fourths of members by conduction a general body meeting. Further, this resolution will not be valid unless the member is given an opportunity of representing his case to the general body. The resolution will also need the Registrar’s approval to come into effect.

  • Why Scope For Housing Projects in Mulund Is Growing?

    A sprawling suburb of Mumbai, Mulund is known for its quaint residential projects, the famous Johnson & Johnson garden, late-night eateries, and much more. There was a time when Mulund was an industrial hub, but the area has now been taken over by popular skyscrapers, exceptional residential complexes, and malls. With a wide range of options for residential properties in Mulund, the area is now a hotspot for property investments and is now developing at an amazing speed.

    Following are the reasons why Mulund is coming up to be an important residential hub:

    An ideal spot for buying a house

    The location plays a crucial role in any commercial venture. Mulund is located at an apt distance from major areas of the city. It is close to the lush green pockets of the ~25,000-acre Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Yeoor Hills and similar natural environs that provide a stunning verdant view from the residences. The vicinity to nature provides solace from the disordered and hectic life of the metropolitan and, at the same time, bestows peace, quiet, and serene views.

    Good opportunity for real estate investments

    A commercial or residential property in Mulund is priced comparatively lower than in other western suburban areas like Andheri or Malad. This is why Mulund has developed as a keen micro-market for interested residential real estate investors and home buyers. Moreover, with residential projects like the Shanti Heights, Mulund is proving to be an excellent spot for the real estate industry. Right from home buyers to investors, there’s something for everyone in Mulund.

    Excellent connectivity to important areas in the city

    Despite being away from the flurry of the city, Mulund is seamlessly connected to other parts of the city. There are trains, buses, and taxis available throughout the day. The proximity to Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Eastern Express Highway and Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) offers excellent connectivity to all major parts of Mumbai.

    Additionally, the Mulund-Airoli Link Road connects Mulund to Navi Mumbai. It is just 30 minutes from the major commercial hubs of Powai, Seepz and Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). The upcoming east-west corridor, the Goregaon Mulund Link Road, will bring it closer to the western suburbs.

    Finally, the upcoming Metro line from Kasarvadavali in Thane to Wadala will connect it to the ongoing Metro line network and bring it closer to the airport and other areas of Mumbai.

    Great living solutions

    As Mulund transforms into a major real estate hub, the residential infrastructure of the locality is improving. And this growing housing infrastructure is proving to be a boon to businesses. With an influx of people wanting to buy a home in the suburb, businesses are able to target new talent.

    Sunny Developers have also invested in the area with their residential property, Shanti Heights. SHANTI HEIGHTS is strategically located in Mulund West. It has proximity to Mulund Railway Station & the upcoming LBS Marg Metro at a distance of 0.8 km to 1 km. There are Temples, Jain Mandir, Banks, School, Hospital, Departmental Store, Grocery Stores, Restaurant & Parks all within proximity of 5 to 10 mins. It is centrally located as the Eastern Express Highway & LBS Road are only 10 mins from the project site.

    Some of the top amenities include a fully-equipped gymnasium, walking paths, poolside sitting areas, etc. In addition to this, there is a kid’s play area, tree house for the children, pool, splash pad etc. The residential property also offers first aid rooms and a senior citizen area. And there are workstations for professionals too.


    Mulund is an upcoming suburb and is likely to experience more commercial and residential growth in the near future. From a real estate point of view, investing in a property in Mulund makes a lot of sense. There are many residential properties like Sunny Heights that offer proximity to work, are well connected to key neighbouring hubs, provide great amenities and luxurious living. So, what to wait for? Be a part of Mulund’s growth by making it your home!

  • 7 Ways To Make Your Home A Stress-Free Zone

    Life is beautiful but we all experience stress at some point. However, no matter how bad your day was at the office, you want to leave everything behind and reach home stress-free. And, you would like it very much if your home a calming effect on your mind, where any negative energies will not be able to trespass.

    Here are ways in which you can ensure your home is a stress-free zone:

    Create your own happy zone

    Personal spaces are a must to calm your mind and it does not necessarily have to be a whole room. For example, you might feel better sitting on a particular sofa in a particular room. Make sure you have your own happy zone in your own abode and you leave behind all the negative energy when you enter it.

    De-clutter and clean

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness and this is why you have to clean and de-clutter your home on a regular basis. When you come back home after a tough day at office, you would not want to see heaps of cloths lying on the bed or dirty utensils smelling in the kitchen sink. It would be better to keep things at their respective places before you leave for office. Also, too many articles of furniture ass to the clutter. So keep their numbers as less as you can.

    Keep the windows open

    Morning rays of the sun are a great source of positive energy. This is why it is important you keep your windows open so that the natural light can flow in. Rather than depending on the alarm clock, try to let the sun wake you up.

    Add flowers and houseplants

    Studies have proved that the presence of flowers and plants help reduce stress and create a calm environment in a room. The nice smell and the greenery would help calm your nerves in a more effective way.

    Paint it right

    You can experiment with colours at your home at different places, but it is important to choose right colours for particular sections. A dark colour may be suitable for your kitchen, but it may make you feel aggressive and stressed while you are in your bedroom. Try to keep lighter shade walls in your bedroom.

    Keep electronics away and switched off

    It is suggested to keep electronic devices such as televisions, radios off, as they are often a source of distraction. These devices also emit rays that signal your brains to stay awake and interfere in your sleep. For a good night’s sleep, it’s better to switch them off early in the day.

    Keep it soft under your feet

    Walking barefoot on natural green grass can be helpful in relieving stress. If you do not have that option available, soft carpets will come handy. You can choose from a variety of options available in the market.

  • Why You Should Buy a Home from A Reputed Real Estate Developer

    Buying a house is an important decision which involves looking at many factors. One of these factors is the brand you choose to buy a house from. The moment you start looking out for properties, you can first see what these reputed brands are offering. A reputed real estate developer can also serve as a measure of the value of the property. This developer has all the right credentials, permission for construction and also makes properties in accordance with the law.

    Property sites in India are becoming expensive by the day. This makes it even more important to choose the right real estate developer to buy apartments suiting your needs. Here we share a few reasons why you should go for a reputed real estate developer to buy your first house.

    1. Timely Completion

    After the RERA act, it has become the prime responsibility of the for real estate developers in India to finish their projects on time. Reputed developers make sure that their customer receives the possession of their flats on time. This gives you the confidence that you will have the key to your house on time.

    2. No Tampering with RERA Norms

    A reputed will be the one who is registered under RERA and makes sure the buyers know about this. You should check this one factor before choosing any developer. Real estate business in India is now highly regulated after the introduction of the RERA norms. This means that the developer has to follow all the rules and charge you according to the RERA norms. There is no place for any foul play.

    3. Modern Amenities

    Many reputed developers have built their brands on the kind of amenities their housing projects offer. These developers make sure that the luxury houses built by them have state of the art amenities. Amenities offered can be proper parking space, 24/7 security, clubhouse, swimming pool, jogging track, amphitheater etc. A reputed developer can easily gauge the need of the homebuyer. This is reflected in their projects.

    4. High ROI

    The brand you choose can work in your favor if you ever plan to sell or rent your property. These kind of projects are usually in areas which are popular, have good connectivity and also a secure and upmarket neighborhood. Hence, this makes your return on investment a higher one.

    5. Easy Home Loan Sanctions

    When you choose a reputed developer and then go to a bank to ask for a loan, then there are higher chances that your loan might get sanctioned. The banks have a certain amount of trust for reputed brand and buyers who invest in their properties.

    6. Security

    A famous real estate developer will have good security features in their projects. If the home buyer does not feel safe about the property, then he/she will not choose to invest in it.

    Investing in a house is also investing in a brand. Make it a priority to look for reputed brands to buy your first home. Ask around, check review online, contact the brands for more information, visit and see their properties for sale etc. these are a few things which can help you decide on which developer to invest in.

  • Vastu Tips For Home Decor To Make The House Peaceful And Happy

    Vastu Shastra means the science of arranging the five elements of nature, i.e., earth, water, fire, air and sky, within the house in complete harmony. People might disagree, but Vastu tips for home do have scientific reasoning behind every item. Vastu for home decor can bring good luck and peace in life. These items will enhance your Vastu for home too.

    Including items that add beauty and luck to your house is the simplest way of adding peace, happiness and positivity. Vastu has a scientific reasoning behind every home decor tip. A beautifully decorated house not only creates a good impression but also invites good energy. According to Vastu, certain home decor items bring auspicious energies inside the house.

    Vastu for home means maintaining a positive home environment, lessening the stress and improving interpersonal relations between family members.

    Best Vastu Tips For Home

    Read ahead to know more about the 15 top Vastu tips that are easy to do and highly effective.

    1. Having Tortoise Is Basic Vastu For Home

    Tortoises have a strong shell that protects them from outer calamities. Tortoise has a long life and hence a huge family. The tortoise one upon another symbolizes an increase in dynasty, successful living, and good health. This item is a must-have Vastu shastra for home.

    2. Safeguard The Positive Energy With Vastu For Home

    Peacock feather is a symbol of spirituality and will bring harmony and joy to your mind. The feathers full of colors will keep reminding you of the celebration of life. According to Vastu Shastra for home, keep peacock feathers in a clean place at home for bringing negative energy.

    3. Invite Good Fortune With Vastu Tips For Home

    Crystal Shree Yantra helps to achieve well-being, wealth, success, good fortune and fame. It is one of the most famous Vastu Shastra items used by kings, leaders, and businessmen to attain financial success and fame. Place it in the east facing the west direction.

    4. Crystal Tortoise For Well-Being

    Tortoise results enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck. Place the object in the north of your home in the living room or dining room and business premises to activate the career corner for a long and successful work life with never-ending support from your boss and a peaceful environment with your counterparts. Try this Vastu tip for home and you will witness the change.

    5. Bring Wealth With This Vastu Tip

    Flower and water are the simplest and most affordable Vastu items for good luck. Take a crystal bowl and add some water with rose petals. That makes a beautiful décor piece along with spreading positivity. According to Vastu Shastra tips for home, it brings wealth to home.

    6. Wind Chimes For Happiness – Vastu For Home

    Wind chimes are a great way to add beauty to your home and bring positivity, peace and happiness. Metal wind chimes are perfect for the home’s north, west and northwest areas, while wooden ones are best suited for the southeast, east and south areas. This is good for design and décor too.

    7. Buddha Will Bring Prosperity – Vastu Tips For Home

    Placing a Buddha statue at the front door is one of the most popular Vastu for home tip, it safeguards you from negativity. Keep the statue towards the east. The laughing Buddha statue holds the greatest significance in both Feng Shui and Vastu. While it makes the surroundings peaceful, it removes negative influences and brings prosperity.

    8. Arowana Fish Statue For Home – Vastu Shastra For Home

    It is believed that the Arowana fish statue is perfect for attracting wealth since Arowana fish is regarded as emperor in the fish kingdom as the powerful stimulant to create authority and wealth. It can be used if you are under rental agreement too.

    9. Fish Aquarium For Vastu Shastra For Home

    Decorating your home with aquariums can bring life to your living space. According to Vastu Shastra, placing a fish aquarium at home is a way to rectify many doshas (flaws). Also, there are many pieces of research that say aquariums tend to reduce stress, high blood pressure and anxiety.

    10. Feng Shui Elephant with Frog – Vastu For Home

    Elephants are a prominent symbol of strength. Wealth Frog is a well-known symbol of excellent wealth and luck. These two auspicious animals are combined; they mean stability and victory. This is a must-try Vastu for home tips.

    11. Gomati Chakra For Vastu For Home Decor

    Gomati chakra tree is one of the important Vastu items for your home. It is believed to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. As it resembles Sudarshan Chakra it is said to relate to Lord Vishnu too. Place it in your home for good fortune and prosperity. To remove Vastu doshas, place this tree in the south east direction or your home or office. Keep it in your commercial, office spaces, shops, etc.

    12. Horseshoe Amulet – Vastu Tip For Home

    Appease lord. Shani and bring home good fortune with a horse shoe. Hang it on the entrance of your home. Evil eyes and evil spirits will never enter your periphery.

    13. Elephant With Tortoise – Vastu Shastra For Home

    A tortoise placed on an elephant’s back is of great significance in Vastu Shastra. It symbolizes dignity, wisdom and success. Place it on the front door.

    14. Flowing Water Fountain – Vastu Tip For Home

    An indoor fountain is very auspicious for Vastu Shastra for home. Place it on the north, east or northeast corner of your home. The water should always be flowing.

    15. Spiritual Vastu Item For Home

    The Divya Mantra Trishakti Yantra Trishul Om Swastika Vastu item will protect you from evil effects and spread divine energy. It is supposed to be very lucky and also protects the people inside the house from many evil eyes.

    A few other tips with regard to furniture, wall paint, curtains, and other small but easily changeable home decor items are:


    Furniture is the easiest way to change the interior decoration. Furniture not only makes the house interiors look trendy and provides comfort to the residents but also helps bring peace and prosperity to the house. The direction of the house determines the furniture design; hence there is no one size fits all approach. But, the most common tip for home decor is that the living room should have a square or rectangular-shaped furniture.

    Vastu Shastra states that the house is divided into two zones- positive energies and negative energies. The positive zone is supposed to be lighter in comparison to the negative zone.

    Puja Room

    Although Vastu is an ancient architecture science, some people consider it to be related to deities and gods. According to the principles of Vaatu, the Puja room must be in the right place. Experts state that the Puja room should be positioned in the house’s north, northeastern, or eastern direction.


    Curtains not only add to the elegance of the house but also provide protection from excessive heat and cold. It is critical to ensure that the curtains are in the right zone; otherwise, problems or/and diseases can plague the family. The negative zone of the house should only have dark and heavy curtains.

    According to the principles of Vastu, only dark coloured curtains should be used for the living room, and light coloured curtains should be installed in the bedroom.

    Before purchasing curtains, consult a Vastu professional. The colour and the material have to be selected perfectly to maintain proper mental health and peace of mind.

    Room Colours

    Nowadays, modern homeowners select the wall colours according to their liking, but ideally, the colours should be selected as per Vastu. The correct selection of the wall colour will bring peace and prosperity to the house.

    Colours specific to certain rooms

    – The bedroom walls should be painted in shades of light blue, light green, and pink.

    – The living room walls should be painted in shades of blue, tan, beige, yellow, and green.

    – As the kitchen is the energy source for the entire family, the walls should be painted in shades of red, yellow, orange, white, chocolate, and rose pink.

    – As per Vastu for home decor, the bathrooms should be painted in pastel shades, whites, and/or grey tones.


    The principles of Vastu state that mirrors should be added with caution and care, as they can cause misery. Whatever the mirror touches is automatically multiplied due to its reflective property. Mirrors should be kept in the positive zone of the house to attract good vibes. The mirrors should face the north or the eastern direction to flush out the negative energies.

    Another Vastu tip is to cover the mirror at night, as it is said to remove bad omens and negative energies.


    A house should be bright, as dark houses are said to be full of negativity. Vastu for home decor suggests using bright lights. All dim or damaged lights must be discarded immediately.

    Soft lights create an atmosphere of peace and positivity. Care should be taken that large shadows do not form on the walls and tables, as this causes an imbalance in the house. Candles, lamps, and other sources of natural fire should also be used to give positivity and upliftment to the house.


    As per Vastu principles, the ceiling should always be flat and not curved. Depressed or falling ceilings should be avoided, bringing negative energies into the house.

    Vastu Decor Items to Avoid At Home

    Vastu-compliant home decor items are an easy way to attract prosperity and positive energy. However, certain home decor items can bring in a lot of negativity; hence you must avoid them at any cost. Here’s a list of home decor items to avoid at home:

    Thorny Plants Should Be Avoided – Say a big no-no to thorny plants while decorating your home. As per Vastu experts, you should avoid keeping thorny plants like cactus inside your house. And it would be best if you could avoid having them near your house because thorny plants attract a lot of negativity.

    Violent Images – Another decor item you should avoid is violent images. Whether they are in the form of paintings, decorative statues, or any form of artwork, such violent images depict rivalry and can create quarrels between the family members and largely impact family relations.

    Broken Mirrors In The House – While the mirrors are one of the popular Vastu decor items as per Vastu tips for home, a broken mirror on the other is a big no! A mirror, if placed in the wrong placement or with any defect in the mirror, can adversely affect the financial status and health of the family. As per Vastu tips for home, broken mirrors can attract misfortunes.

    Overhead Beams As Home Decor Piece – Vastu Experts say that overhead exposed beams can create disputes, leading to stress in the house and bad relationships. Not only that, an exposed overhead beam can also affect the sleeping pattern. Thus, as per Vastu tips for home, it is advisable to avoid using overhead beams in the living room or bedroom where you spend most of the time with your family and friends.

    Summing Up

    Following these Vastu home decor tips makes it easy to change the house’s energy and usher in positive energies. Without making any major changes to the house, it is easy to change the energy and make your house a happy and prosperous place to live in. try out these Vastu for home tips and let happiness have a new address.

  • Vastu Tips That Promote Good Health

     The adage ‘health is wealth’ holds true in our day-to-day lives. After a tiring day at work, we want to be at home to recuperate mental peace and comfort. According to renowned American director & producer Robert Evans, “buildings designed with careful attention to aesthetics arouse and enlighten their occupants, and that promotes their good health”.

    To ensure buildings are designed carefully, ‘Vastu Shastra’ has laid down some important guidelines that help prevent illness, mental agony, negative energy, and promote good health and peace of mind.

    Here are some Vastu tips that will help keep your physical and mental health in a good condition:

    General Vastu tips:

    • Light a candle or lamp daily in the northeast direction. It promotes good health.
    • Constant dripping of taps produces negative energy and signifies deterioration in health. Ensure that the taps in your house do not drip.
    • Using the space below stairs as a toilet, store, or kitchen can cause nervous sickness and heart diseases.
    • Face north or east while studying or working. This promotes good memory.
    • Planting Basil or/and Tulsi purifies the air in the house. Avoid plants like rubber plant, cactus, Bonsai and other milky plants. These might add to your illness and stress.
    • Do not construct stairs or toilets in the northeastern corner of your house; it causes health-related issues and hampers the growth of children.

    Bedroom Vastu tips:

    • A master bedroom in the southwest direction ensures physical and mental stability. Never construct a bedroom in the northeast direction; it causes health problems.
    • Always lie with your head in the south direction while sleeping. It promotes a peaceful and a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping with the head in the north direction is not advisable as it causes stress and aches.
    • A pregnant woman should avoid sleeping in the northeastern direction to prevent chances of abortion or miscarriage.
    • A bed with storage space leads to brain and heart-related ailments. Also, avoid sleeping on wrought iron beds; opt for simple wooden beds.
    • Avoid sleeping under light beams as it leads to depression, headache and memory loss.
    • Do not place your bed in front of the mirror, it causes nighmares.
    • Never align your bed with the toilet wall, as that brings negative energy.
    • Keep mobile phones and other gadgets away from bed to have a sound sleep.

    Health & Kitchen Vastu tips:

    • The southeast direction is considered ideal to have a kitchen.
    • East is considered the best direction for cooking and eating, as it promotes effective digestion and good health.
    • Designing the kitchen in the Northeast direction calls for serious health problems and accidents.
    • Avoid constructing the toilet and the kitchen together. Place the two at a distance from each other.
  • How Effective Lighting Can Help Elevate Your Home Decor

    The lighting of a home contributes significantly in amplifying the mood of the space while maintaining a balance between the functionality of the room and the personality of the individuals living in it. Using different types of lights throughout the living space contributes positively in highlighting the task areas while adding personal touches that set it apart from the rest of the rooms in the house.

    Here are a few ways to use interior lighting to decorate the interiors of the home effortlessly:

    1. Colourful home décor lights

    Decorative lights for home with a pop of colour can add or subtract sufficiently from the overall look of luxury homes. While a dark colour can make a room appear smaller, a lighter shade presents an illusion of space. Colour temperature too plays an important role in altering the mood and feel of the interiors of the home. According to the access to natural light, it is wise to opt for a cool white colour during the daytime and a warm white at night.

    2. Placement on Lights

    The positioning of light fixtures depends on the need for illuminating the entire room or specific elements. Track lighting is a classic example in this regard as it illuminates discrete zones within the house, such as a painting or a vase or the tip of the bar or kitchen. Another example of directional lighting is recessed lighting, which uses vertical beams of light to highlight specific spots or features. Ceiling fixtures too work great to offer focussed lighting on top of dining tables or conversational settings.

    3. Use of Natural Light

    Owning one of the best luxury apartments in Mumbai that offers picturesque views of the city and the landscape as well as plenty of natural light throughout the day is a dream come true for every homebuyer. However, it is important to make the most of this natural light, the clarity and quality of which is the hardest to replicate. Use of glass in luxury homes is a step in this direction as it offers an energy-efficient way of modifying the look of the home while saving considerably on costs.

    4. The functionality of Lights

    An important aspect determining the use of lighting in interiors of duplex homes is functionality. The type of lighting fixture should sync with the location in which it is to be used. Chandeliers work great in open foyers and entryways as well as central seating areas owing to its excellent illumination capacity. On the other hand, wall lights work great for lighting the way by adding length and size to space. Similarly, task-specific lights team perfectly with work desks as they focus on illuminating the working area instead of the entire room.

    5. Space of room

    A room can look cramped if not illuminated properly. Using a combination of man-made and natural lighting offers a pleasant break to the chaos created by furniture arrangements. Using large windows and skylights in the dark rooms of luxury homes, with sheer drapes can bring in ample natural light, which accentuates the colours of the walls as well as bounces off reflective surfaces to add to the visual space of the room. In the absence of natural light, wall scones, ceiling lights and corner lamps can brighten up the interiors to create the visual appearance of a larger space.

    6. Type of light fitting

    Investing in a selection of decorative lights for home that besides being beautiful are also functional is a wise choice. Opt for chandeliers, decorative salt lamps, pendants, vintage light fittings, etc. to positively modify the ambience of the room. However, keep in mind the proportion and scale of the space to prevent cluttering and overuse of lighting fittings.

    While etching out home décor ideas for duplex homes that echo the personality of the owners, lighting is often an overlooked aspect. However, with a better understanding of the nuances that surround the use of home decor lights, adding the necessary charm to luxury apartments in Mumbai would seem less like a distant dream.

  • Buying NRI House Via Power Of Attorney? Read This

    Precautions needed

    A PoA is not an instrument of transfer with regards to any right, title or interest in an immovable property. It is only a creation of an agency whereby a person authorises another person to do the acts on his behalf. A PoA executed by an NRI requires extra precaution as the seller does not reside in India. A small lapse or callousness can land the buyer in deep trouble. The best way is to ask the NRI seller to be personally present at the time of registration of the property. However, in case that is not feasible, and you have to do it through PoA, then you must take the following precautions.

    Don’t notarise but register power of attorney

    There have been cases where a PoA holder simply notarises the instrument instead of registering it. A notarised PoA is different from a registered PoA and a notarised PoA is legally not valid in India. A PoA executed by an NRI on foreign soil should be registered in the sub-registrar’s office and should also be attested by the Indian Consulate/Embassy concerned. It should be used within three months from the date of its execution.

    Single PoA holder

    One should also check that that there is a single PoA holder. There have been numerous cases of frauds where the same property is sold to different people by different PoA holders.

    Check for crucial clauses

    One must check in the clauses that the title of the property is clear, i.e., the principal’s name is reflected as the owner in revenue records.

    Check for photographs and signatures

    One should also check that the signatures and photographs of principal and PoA holder are also affixed on the document. If the NRI seller is unable to make it to India for the sale of the property due to some valid reason, the buyer should insist the NRI seller to include the said reason in the PoA. In short, the reason for the execution of the PoA should be clearly mentioned in the document.

    Check for its validity

    Ideally, the PoA should not be very old and if it is, then one must ask for a fresh PoA or confirmation from the owner if it has been terminated or not. In case, the instrument is time-bound, then, the prospective date of termination of the PoA and if there is no mention of the time-limit then the same must be mentioned in the document.

    Transfer money to NRI owner only

    A buyer should understand that the power of attorney holder is only a representative of an NRI seller. The resident Indian buyer should make payment only to the NRI seller in their NRE/NRO account. An NRI seller can authorise a PoA holder to accept payment on his behalf but cannot authorise payment to the PoA holder. Even if the NRI seller authorises the PoA holder to receive direct payment, the buyer should avoid such property transactions. It may land the buyer in tax trouble.

    Indemnity clause in sale deed

    Every property transaction is exclusive. Therefore, a buyer should safeguard his/her financial interests by including a blanket indemnity clause in the sale deed. One must ensure that the sale deed clauses are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the PoA to remove any possibility of legal or tax issues at a later stage.

  • 6 Essential Points To Evaluate Before Purchasing Your First Home

    Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in life. Having a house, which you can call your own, is a dream fulfilled.

    However, before you choose that right flat in Mulund for yourself, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. You need to tick off these parameters before you sign the agreement.

    Here are the 5 points which you need to evaluate before you buy a house:

    1. Location

    It is of paramount importance that you take into account the locality you will be living in. You need to evaluate it for the following factors:

    • * Commute to work and back
    • * Amenities
    • * Infrastructure
    • * Connectivity
    • * Security

    Living in a prime locality with good connectivity and amenities is crucial. If you plan to spend some years living in this locality, then make sure it has all the above factors.

    2. Amenities

    Amenities define how comfortable your life will be. If you live in a locality where there are no basic facilities such as hospitals or schools, then it is time you switch and buy a new home in a better place. Amenities also mean, the facilities provided by the real estate developer and not just in the locality you live in.

    3. Investment Perspective

    Your perspective of buying a home is important to consider before the purchase. Whether you are purchasing a flat only as an investment in real estate or you want to live here is a question you need to answer and purchase accordingly. Before you think of how to buy your first home or how to invest in real estate, you need to keep in mind the below vital points:

    1. Total Cost
    Calculate the total cost of the property. Brokers might only give you a basic cost but you also need to consider the following:

    • * Internal/External development fees
    • * Preferential location charges
    • * Parking charges
    • * Statutory/Club charges
    • * Service tax

    The final cost of the property will be the total of all the above charges.

    2. Buy or Rent
    When you think from an investment perspective then you need to decide whether you want to buy the property to reside or you want to put it up for rent.

    4. Real Estate Developer

    Choosing the right real estate developer is the key to purchase the ideal home. Credible real estate builders are the ones who are transparent and comply with all the laws. Below mentioned are the pre-requisites you need to check while buying a house from a real estate developer:

    • * Check the title deed of the plan.
    • * If you are buying a property in resale, then check for the release certificate. You also need to ask for property tax receipts to ensure there are no pending bills.
    • * Verify the land use as per the city master plan. You can get this information from the local office body in the city.
    • * You need to check whether the builder has approvals from the local development corporation.
    • * The developer also needs to have the required RERA registration. If you are looking for a property in areas such as Mulund then along with RERA, the projects by the developer also need to fall under the CIDCO rules and regulations.

    5. Home Type & Size

    Home type is where you decide the area, the type (duplex, penthouse), etc. This also includes common areas such as lobby area, staircase, etc. There is a difference between the super-built up area and the carpet area. If you are in need of two bedroom apartments or any such specific requirements, then you should consider the carpet area while buying a house. Indiabulls Real Estate provides apartments, duplex homes and luxury homes ranging from 1 BHK to 5 BHK in prominent localities in Mulund.

    6. Payment Plans And Schemes

    To attract prospective homebuyers, real estate developers also have different payment plans and schemes. The real estate developers have offered subvention schemes, Possession-Linked Plans, Standard-Deferred payment plans, etc as few types of payment plans. Here is important to note that a homebuyer needs to understand these type of payment plans before taking the decision.